Workshop in St. Eulalia, Peru 2013


We are offering a practical digital cinema workshop from writing a script to editing your project
You will spend most of the time filming and editing, rather than being in class. This workshop is more like an internship with the support of professional instructors than a formal class. We believe that one learns more through practice and problem solving. Just by simply having the opportunity to gain many hours behind the camera you will learn directly fromy our own experience.

In St. Eulalia we will be living in a country house with gardens, a pool, and stone paths - perfect for filming. Outside of the property there are mountains with pre-Incan ruins to explore, covered with giant rocks and cacti - also perfect for filming. Our purpose is always to take people out of the city so they can reconnect with nature. This reconnection will be expressed in the films that you make whether they be documentary or fiction.

Here are some example topics for you documentaries:
How do your neighbors take turns irrigating their crops?
Investigate the reforesting programs in the area.

Here are some possible short fiction genres:
Incan times
Country house

First Day

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An example daily schedule is as follows:
10-12 Introduction to the workshop and the cameras
12-2 - Lunch
2-4 filming in the country
4-6 Looking over our collected footage
7-8:30 Dinner
8-30 Movie watching and discussion


This is an imageCameras Canon 5d Mark II y III
Editing FCP X (Mac) y adobe premier (PC)
4 days 4 nights
8 spaces
Cost : $600
Meals: Delicious Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 4 days $50
Total: $650
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We are looking for 8 hard working, positive, & sel motivated people with an interest in filmmaking but nature.

Email us with a bio for more information

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Annika Beaulieu


BA Art History, University of California Santa Barbara, MA International Affairs, The New School GPIA

This is an imageAnnika Beaulieu is a filmmaker and activist who has been working all over the world in media production and community development. She has worked as a research associate in economic policy in Bangladesh, women’s rights in South Africa, and environmental security in New York.  Annika began her filmmaking career in Germany at Oval Filmmacher producing TV documentaries for ARTE. She assisted editing Oscar Nominated Darfur Now (2007) and worked on the Sundance Film Fund feature Good Fortune (2010). In 2007 she met Renzo Zanelli while working on the Black Boot Beach production, Son of Tango Kid (2011) in Argentina.  There they started experimenting with cooperative filmmaking models and decided to start using the techniques to explore social and environmental imperatives in film, thus forming Selva RIca.

Renzo Zanelli


BA Cinema Studies, University of Chicago

This is an image A native of Peru and the US, Renzo Zanelli has worked for nearly 10 years as a professional director of photography, editor, director and producer.  Renzo has produced and directed a number of award winning films including, Pamina: Hysteria and Mozart’s Magic Flute (2005) and El Perro del Hortelano (2010).  In 2006 Renzo joined the cooperative filmmaking company Black Boot Beach, and produced The Orange Thief (2006) in Sicily winning Best in Show at the Woodstock Film Festival, and The Son of Tango Kid in Argentina (2011).  In 2007 Renzo joined forces with Annika Beaulieu to found the Selva Rica Project. Renzo works to create films that share a positive message with humanity about our future and past.  A true romantic, Renzo’s work captures the deep beauty present in nature, music, and the various faces of our planet.

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