Peru: Andes

This is an imageFormed originally in Peru as a cooperative, Selva Rica began by producing short narrative films in Huaraz on gold mining, and Ollantaytambo on cultural preservation. These short films went on to screen at a number of international film festivals, expanding the reach of Selva Rica´s creative network.

Peru: Amazon

This is an image We then began offering filmmaking and drawing classes in Peru´s Amazon basin to inspire indigenous youth to talk about their culture, history, and environmental issues of the region.    Equipped with basic digital camcorders, we set out to document daily life, write and direct our own scripts, and illuminate traditional folklore through film in educational creative workshops.


Peru: The Dog in the Manger (2010)

Two years later Selva Rica produced its first ever feature film in Madre de Dios about oil drilling on native lands. The film, El Perro del Hortelano (2010), was the first ever feature film produced in Peru written and staring an indigenous cast. The film went on to win 6 international awards including special recognition from the UN at the Global Wake Up Film Festival (2010).

USA: Woodstock, NY

This is an imageIn 2011 we formed a partnership with the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony in Woodstock, NY to offer environmental filmmaking workshops and residencies in the US in conduction with a number of leading Universities.

Costa Rica: Talamanca & The Carribean Coast

This is an image We have most recently began offering workshops in the southern caribbean coast of Costa Rica, at the Aiko farm. Here we are creating the foundations for an eco-community and permanent school for sustainable education.



Selva Rica in the Caribbean

Over the years we have formed a number of strategic partnerships with NGO’s, indigenous communities, arts organizations, and world-renowned universities such as the University of Chicago, University of California San Diego, and the University of California Santa Barbara. Selva Rica’s workshop programming has grown to include three main locations; Peru, Costa Rica, and the US, offering documentary production, music videos, music recording, photography, and screenwriting.