Let it Grow


Top by Renzo Zanelli & Cayenne Fusco

In a ancient wooden canoe floating through the milky way

the earth was born terra and place in the perfect spot

with the right light and shine it was just a matter of time

before she blossomed

come on brother, come on sister run with me into the forest

let it grow across the fields and it can feed us all

in a passionate creation of minerals and life we followed the rules of love and sharing

with everyone and everything taking only what we needed

till one day one people got greedy and started pillaging away

open up to the possibility that we can live together make it a good scene

cause we are all related there is no time for cynical reasoning

cause we still have the blueprint our ancestors created

to live simply in small villages planting, hunting, cooking and caring

the time is now to sell our things and replant the forest live free!