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Share with the future

We must share the earth's limited resources not only with our families, friends and community but with our grandchildren and their grandchildren. Selva Rica is making sure that the elements that keep us healthy and full of life remain free from dangerous chemicals that would harm our future generations. Trees keep the rainwater from evaporating, they prevent erosion and counter excesses of carbon dioxide pollution. With trees present we ensure a renewable and abundant source of drinking and irrigation water is always flowing.

History of deforestation in the area

This is an imageThe Talamanca region was most recently deforested by the United Fruit company to make room for cash crops like bananas and pineapples. This was the practice for much of the last 100 years until the soil was completely drained of its nutrients by excess dumping of pesticides and fertilizers. In the last 20 years or so, much of this nutrient deficient land has been used for grazing cattle.

Talamanca remains the watershed for the Caribbean region, home to literally thousands of species of birds, as well as monkeys, jaguars, sloths, and insects. Ensuring that the Talamanca region can host a wide range of biodiversity is critical to the inhabitants of the whole Cariibean zone. We are working on replanting acres of pasture with fruit and local trees and we need your help!


How you can contribute:

This is an imageBy donating to our Plant A Tree Program you can make a small gift that will start a forest!

$1 plant a seed
$3 plant a baby tree
$10 Plant a tree with a plaque in honor of someone
$50 Plant 10 trees with a plaque in honor of someone
$100 Plant 30 trees with a plaque in honor of someone
$1000 Plant 500 trees with a plaque in honor of someone