Conservation Village in Costa Rica



Reside at Selva Rica, Costa Rica

We are looking for new members to reside in our small community of peaceful, creative, and positive individuals working toward creating a sustainable lifestyle in the jungle. Relax in a private bungalow with animals and birds as your companions. Walk through jungle paths, prepare delicious organize food, and join your friends in a class of yoga. Swim through Selva Rica's waterfalls and boulder creek, then hike to the land of giant trees before joining everyone for song and dace around a fire. Take a workshop five minutes from where you sleep. Live among a strong community of friends who support one another through creative projects, as well as daily life. We are creating an environment where people have time and space to contemplate nature.

Why have a residential community at Selva Rica?

This is an imageWe believe the best way to maintain our reforestation program, media school, and community projects is to have a small croup of committed individuals who are present to take care of this vast 300 acre project. We seek individuals and families who are interested in taking responsibility for this land and our relationships with our neighbors. Members of the community will make sure the trees grown up to be big and strong, that are garden is always full of bountiful produce, and that the culture and lifestyle of Selva Rica is inviting and innovative. There are eight of twelve bungalow spaces available spaced out in the reforestation zone for singles, couples or families.


Plans for the community

This is an imageAt the heart of the Selva Rica Conservation Community is the Great Kitchen that everyone uses to create delicious meals. Across is the activity center with a space for dancing, films, live music, & visiting lectures & classes. Next door is the Jungle lodge, a 8 person dorm style bungalow overlooking the waterfall. Near the creek is the sauna and wood burning hot tub. A 15 minute walk away is the Yoga Meditation Center, a sanctuary for relaxation and contemplation.