Workshops in Costa Rica MARCH & April


April Environmental Workshop

Have you ever wanted to get an important message across to millions viewers with a film? We have the tools, all we need is time, space, and collaboration to generate meaningful media that changes our world for the better. Join us for three weeks in the Caribbean jungle´s of Costa Rica as we immerse ourselves in an intensive filmmaking experience. Working alongside professional talent from all over the world, we will create provocative social media about our environment. Whether you are a writer, actor, photographer, or social activist, your talents and interests will be vital to this collaboration. Our goal is simple; make media that tells people what they need to know about protecting our planet and then show them how to do it with fun creative storytelling.

Participants are welcome to learn all aspects of production, but we strongly encourage you to focus on one set of skills; be it camera operating, costumes, acting, sound, producing, or editing. We will decide as a group whether to produce a narrative or documentary, or both, depending on your interests.

We offer access to the highest quality professional video equipment. We will shoot on Canon 5d Mark ii cameras, record sound with Sennheiser mic kits, edit on Final Cut Pro bays. We will meet 5 - 6 hours a day in a group five days a week. By the end of the three week workshop, participants will have a completed a professionally shot film they can call their own.


This is an imageParticipants must be over 18 years of age. We do not require any previous experience with filmmaking. However it is imperative that you are open to learning, working, and living in a group.


This is an image Participants will live at the Aiko Finca in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica´s southern Caribbean coast. Located just 30 minutes inland from the popular beach town of Puerto Viejo, the finca is a perfect place to be surrounded by nature and wildlife. Life on the farm is rustic, but beautiful. We have full flushing toilets and showers, but most people prefer to bathe in one of our six waterfalls. Three meals a day will be provided, but we prefer to cook in a group, so bring your culinary skills!


Nearby Attractions

This is an imageJust 30 minutes from the farm is Puerto Viejo, a popular beach town known for its Rastafarians, surfing, and delicious food. Everything from snorkeling, surfing, hiking, permaculture tours, horseback riding, and bar hopping is available. For the more adventurous type, the finca is just a short trip away from the Bri Bri indigenous reserve where you can learn all about the lives of people living deep in the Costa Rican jungle. We will take a number of excursions as a group to Puerto Viejo and the surrounding area, but if you have a specific adventure in mind please inform us ahead of time so we can make it happen.


This is an image $1150 for three weeks. A non refundable deposit of $250 is required to register. For those who would like to participate for shorter one week stays, a rate can be arranged depending on availability. The fee covers all food and lodging for the three weeks on the finca, access to equipment, as well as transportation to and from the bus in Puerto Viejo. The fee also covers transportation to and from town excursions, but not food or costs of special tours.